June Julep Mystery Box Review

Hi Everyone,

I received my June Julep Mystery Box on Saturday June 16, 2012.  The box was light so it was a small box.  I’d rather get small mystery boxes than large ones because they take less time to get to me.  I opened the box and in it was a purple bag with a bow tied around it.  Tucked in the ribbon was a nail file which I’m going to use to shape my nails because I want to grow my nails.  I took the bow off and opened the bag and took out two wrapped packages wrapped in bubble wrap.  I opened the first one with the polishes and I got three polishes, Heather, a grey metallic color, Natasha, a bright orange color and Sandra, a frosty magenta color.  The other package contained the Julep Elixir, their organic Moroccan Argan Oil.  All in all I was satisfied with my mystery box, I love the colors I got and I’m happy I got the Elixir.  The value of my mystery box was $66.00, not bad.  I would definitely get another mystery box when they are offered again.


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Julep Maven Intro Box Review

Hi Everyone,
My first review will be on my Julep Maven Intro box which I got on June 6, 2012.  When I opened my box I found a pink bag inside with a bow tied around it with two toe separators tied to the bag.  I opened the bag and inside was The Best Pedi Creme Ever!  Then in bubble wrap were two nail polishes, Annette and Jodie.  The pedi creme felt so great on my feet.  The cucumber mint smell wasn’t too strong and my feet tingled after I put it on.  They felt so good and soft after one use.  Now to the nail polishes.  I tried Annette first.  Annette is a subtle dove gray and it looked great on my nails, very pretty.  Then a few days later I tried Jodie.  Jodie is a deep rose with a gold shimmer and it is gorgeous on my nails.  You can see the shimmer in it it’s so pretty.  The nail color is high quality and takes 4 cotton balls with nail polish remover to take it off it’s so strong.  The brushes are good too.  So if you want polish that lasts really long then this is the polish for you.  Overall I’m pretty happy with my intro box and can’t wait for my next box.


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New Focus of Blog: Subscription Boxes

Hi Everyone,
From now on the focus of my blog is going to be all about monthly subscription boxes.  Not only will I be making videos on YouTube about these boxes I will be posting about them here.  The services I’m subscribed to are Julep Maven, Birchbox and Beauty Army.  So stay tuned.


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Read about my weight loss journey on my Business blog!

It’s at:


The blog above is where I’ll be posting my weigh ins and workouts and links to live webinars that are all about 7 minute workout. So come join me and read all about it!


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I Like Being Alone it Suits Me

Hey Everyone,

This is just a rant post about how I’m liking being alone and not associating with people where I live.  I could’nt give a rats butt about anyone and I don’t care about what goes on around here.  From now on I’m not going to any functions in my building and I’m not participating in any functions period.  I’m going solo.



Sorry if this post offends anyone.  Direct your flames to me and I’ll ignore them completely.

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Will not be posting abt 7minuteworkout.com on this blog anymore.

Hey Everyone,
By now you know that I have a blog dedicated to 7 minute workout at http://maggies7minuteworkoutbiz.wordpress.com so I will only be posting anything related to 7 minute workout there including my weigh ins so everything related to weight loss will be posted at that blog from now on.  Thanks for understanding.


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First week of 7 minute workout done and Weigh In #1

Hey Everyone,

Here are the results of my first weigh in after completing the first week of 7 minute workout. Since it’s my time of the month I expected to gain some water weight but that’s not the case. I lost .4 of a pound! I know it’s not that much but it is the time of the month for me so that counts.

Starting Weight from last week Monday: 237.4 pounds
Current Weight: 237.0 pounds
Total Lost so far: .4 pounds

I would’ve lost more if it wasn’t my time of the month so keep that in mind. See you later.


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Third 7 minute workout done!

Hey Everyone,
I just completed my third 7 minute workout and I’m feeling it and am now tired and exhausted. My heart was beating fast, I was out of breath and I’m sweating, yes, sweating. Not much but sweating. I did the shoulders and abs workout and I’ll be back either when updates become available or on Monday when I do my quads workout. I’m taking Saturday and Sunday off. See you then.


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Live call about 7minuteworkout.com Next Thursday at 8pm Eastern!

Hey Everyone,
In case you missed yesterday’s call about 7minuteworkout.com there’s another chance to hear all about it next Thursday the 13th of October at 8pm eastern time. You will gain some valuable information about 7minuteworkout.com as well as see how to grow a home based business around 7minuteworkout.com. Here’s the link below:


Hope to see you all there!


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Live Call Tonight on 7minuteworkout.com

Thought I’d post this on my personal blog here and my business blog. There’s going to be a live call tonight with the founder of 7minuteworkout.com at 8pm eastern/7pm central time on what 7 minute workout is all about so don’t miss it! Here’s the link below:



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